Time Capsule


Terranea Cove, Rancho Palos, Verdes, CA.

Imagine, if the same Energy that we used to gossip, to make a joke, to be sarcastic, snide, ridiculing, satirical, degrading or passive aggressive was instead used to be Affectionate, Sympathetic, Compassionate and Understanding.  

Social media, what we do and what we say online, is a microcosm of our lives and of our world.
What we project here isn’t fiction.
It is truth that reverberates and has long reaching effects.
What you say about yourself, is what you say about the world you live in.
Every day, every post is a time capsule.
A memo to yourself and to the universe.

When we laugh at everything, we permit nothing to have value.
Instead of tearing each other down, we should be Lifting Each Other Up!

The slightest shift of Energy and Perspective could Truly Change the way that we Interact with Each Other, and thus, Change The World that We Live In For The Better.

What if, instead of being quick witted, we were Kind Hearted? 

You can’t fight the fire while you feed the flames.