One Of Those Records…

I bought this CD.

Hustle Up Starlings CD. Photo: Rob Wallace.

I ALWAYS buy the music that matters to me, even from my Friends.
I mean, if we aren’t going to Support our Friends, if we aren’t going to Support the Soul Poets, Artists and Entrepreneurs amongst us… Who the fuck are we going to support?

Hustle Up Starlings is a Battle Cry!
It’s a Record about Figuring It Out, about Growing.
It’s about Evoking Heroes. It’s about Being Heroes.
It’s about People who have passed through fire, flood and miles of bullshit, but they’re Not quitters. They Refuse to believe that their Lives are doomed to misery. They’re Digging In, they’re Committed!
The Battle Cry isn’t mere Survival, it is: Survival with Honor!

Matthew Ryan understands that suffering is not a value, only the Fight against it. And on Hustle Up Starlings, he Reflects, and he Fights… And his characters Reflect, and They Fight, and from their troubles, from their pain and their distress they Grow Brave, they Gain Strength and Courage. They are Us!

Hustle Up Starlings has been with me, a part of me, since its release. It has Spoken to me, it has Spoken for me: Intellectually, Emotionally and Spiritually, and it Always will. It’s one of those Records, the ones that live with you, Always. These are the Records, the Music, the Artists, The Poets, the Soul Entrepreneurs that we Have to Share with others, that we Have to Support, that we Have to Cherish. Artists who help to make us Believe in Ourselves.

Hustle Up Starlings is Available Here!