Hustle Up Starlings

Heart and Guts.
That’s what it takes to live decently in this world.
To say yes to life, even with all of its sorrow and loss.
That’s what makes a hero.
These are the people that Matthew Ryan sings about on his new full-length album, Hustle Up Starlings, and that is what Matthew Ryan is himself, a hero.

On Battle Born, Ryan sings of one of his heroes, Joe Strummer: “He took it straight in the teeth / To find out what was underneath.” But he could be singing about himself, about his own experiences or of anyone who has sought something deeper, more meaningful in their work, in their lives.

In all of these new songs, the intimacy and immediacy of Ryan’s personal storytelling rings out. He’s telling his story, but in doing so, he’s telling your story, he’s telling my story, he’s telling OUR story. These seemingly quiet songs continue to gain volume and depth upon every listen. What starts out feeling like a hushed journey through someone’s diary, becomes a thunderous collection of anthems for this Moment and the road ahead.

Early on in his career, Matthew Ryan got a taste of what success in the music business might look like, and instead he chose a more courageous path, away from the market driven industry. Some may say he shot himself in the foot. But better he thought, to limp through life than race to the bottom. And in a world where the bottom is what we are all being force fed, it’s voices like Ryan’s that we need more than ever. Where most everything on the radio is tainted by a fundamental dishonesty, a shallow aspiration for fame and riches, it’s the Artists limping along that we need to embrace and cherish, because they are us.

“Until the wheels come off…”

Hustle Up Starlings is Available Now in both CD and Digital Formats Here: