You Are What You Post

On the trail with Friends in Glarus, Switzerland.

You are what you post.

Social media is a Presentation of Values.
Every day, every post is a Time Capsule.
A memo to ourselves and the Universe.
It all accumulates.
And it is either a terrible burden that we must shoulder
or a Beautiful Blessing that Elevates us.
What we say here about ourselves, what we say to and about others,
is what we say about the world we live in.
Manners Matter.
Love and Kindness are Paramount.

What we do and what we say online, is a microcosm of our lives and of our world.
What we project here isn’t fiction.
It is a truth that reverberates and has far-reaching effects.
Imagine, if the same Energy that we used to gossip, to make a joke, to be sarcastic, snide, ridiculing, satirical, degrading or passive aggressive was instead used to be Affectionate, Sympathetic, Compassionate and Understanding.  
The slightest shift of Energy and Perspective could Truly Change the way we Interact with Each Other, and thus, Change The World We Live In For The Better.

Our Energies and our Interests should Always be Concentrated on Transcendental Things.
We can’t fight the fire while we feed the flames.

Who We Are

In the Garage w/ Rizzo. Photo: David Ratunuman.

After two weeks on the road, I have returned to Garageland.
But I am NOT back to “the grind” and “the hustle”.
I find those expressions to be offensive and lacking sincerity, and they have NOTHING to do with what Street Plant is.
To “hustle” and “grind” is to compete, and there is no Freedom in that.
Business is NOT the “art of war” it is a Presentation of Values.
Street Plant is an unfolding from within, a Dream being Lived!
We are NOT chasing after anything — We are simply Following Our Bliss!
Nothing about what We do is a “grind” — It is Fun!
Nothing about what We do is a “hustle” — It is an Honest Expression of Our Love for Skateboarding!
Maybe these are just plays on words, but to Us, the distinction is Important.
The World does not need “hustlers” — It needs Soul Entrepreneurs!
People who Love what they do, who have a Sense of Positive Purpose, and who pursue their Work as its Own Reward.
There is Great Value in that for the Individual, and there is Great Value in that for Society.
Yes, We Work Hard to Actualize Our Dreams.
But we are NOT forced out of bed in the morning by an alarm signaling the start of a race.
We are awoken by a Love for Life and for the Work at hand.
This is NOT just our business, this is NOT just our company, this is NOT just a means to an end.
This is Who We Are!!!!

100% Independent Skateboarding for Love, for Fun.
No rules, no divisions, no schools.
Just a Skateboard as a Paintbrush and the World as an Empty Canvas.
Skate. Create. Enjoy!

Keep Dreaming!

Street Plant started as a Dream, on the streets of Edison, New Jersey in 1984.
I Dreamt of a Skateboard Company that was a Dialogue.
I Dreamt of a Skateboard Company that didn’t just make stuff, but Made A Difference.
I Dreamt of a Skateboard Company that was a part of a Community of People, brought Together by Love, Passion and Positivity.
I Dreamt of a Skateboard Company that saw Skateboarding as an Elevated Art, beyond sport or competition, that was Open and Welcoming to All.
Every day, my Dream is Being Lived
Every Day, my Dream is Coming True!
I’ll keep Dreaming.
You keep Dreaming too!

Thank You Alex Hellings and the #StreetPlantBattalion Worldwide for Your Support, Love and Dreams!

Pictured w/ Kristian Svitak, Mike Montgomery, Joey Jett and Alex Hellings on Alex’s Backyard Garden Ramp.

The Blessings Of Nature


Last evening, while Rambling around the Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park in Trabuco Canyon, CA, I came face to face with this Deer. We shared several Lovely (for me anyway) minutes, and I snapped this photo on my phone before she turned and headed back down the trail into the scrub from which she came. I quietly and cautiously hiked up onto the rise where she had been standing and watched her head back down into the Canyon with two other Deer. I had been Rambling for a few hours in utter Bliss as it was when this occurred. What an Exhilarating Moment! As I Rambled on into the Dusk, it seemed that I was in a body without weight, just floating along the Trail. The Blessings of Nature!

Midlife Transcendence

Garageland. Photo: Rob Wallace.

A midlife crisis became midlife Transcendence, through Love.
A Love for Skateboarding, a Love for DIY Ethos and a Love for Family.

Encouraged by the Love of my Family, I went back to the Sources of my Joy (my Family being one of them) and I Reconciled and Reconstructed my Life by bringing all three of them Together into one Vehicle of Consciousness and Life: Street Plant.

I had to make a pilgrimage to the depths of my own Heart, my own Soul.
Back to the place of my Fascination, my Imagination and my Dreams.
This is where my Life began when I was 14, and where I was Reborn at 45.
Where my Life is Fulfilled.
The way out was the way in.

Street Plant is a 100% Independently owned and operated Family business.
We exist to Support, Service, Inspire and Empower our customers – Skateboarders – The Freest, most Unique and Creative people on the planet – By making the highest quality Skateboards and Skateboard accessories.

100% Independent Skateboarding for Love, for Fun.
No rules, no divisions, no schools.
Just a Skateboard as a Paintbrush and the World as an Empty Canvas.

Skate. Create. Enjoy!

An Invigorating Effect


The highlight of my trip last week with Lucy to the Northeast was a visit to Concord, Massachusetts where we toured the Ralph Waldo Emerson House, Rambled through the Hapgood Wright Town Forest, dipped our toes in Walden Pond, just below the site of Henry David Thoreau’s Cabin, and visited Sleepy Hollow Cemetery to pay our respects to Emerson and Thoreau.

If you are ever in Concord, or live in the area, I highly recommend a visit to the Emerson House. The House was built in 1828 and Emerson lived in the House from 1835 until his death in 1882. The House has stayed in the Emerson Family all along, and remains almost completely as it was after a restoration in 1873. The tour of the House was Very Insightful and Incredibly Inspiring, both Lucy and I walked out of the House with our Spirits Soaring.

As an Emerson and Thoreau reader, this visit was a long time in coming. To stand in the Emerson House, to Ramble in Emerson and Thoreau’s footsteps, to Steep in the Beauty of Concord and Walden Pond, as they once did, and then to stand at their graves, had an Invigorating Effect upon us. By Basking in the Radiance and Energy of Art and Artists, of True Individuals, of Lives well Lived, we walked away Knowing Ourselves Better, and in a Glow of Enthusiasm for a Creative and Purposeful Life!

Mount Tom, MA


Last week on July 24, I had a good long Ramble in the rain, on a section of the M&M Trail on Mount Tom in Massachusetts.

The entire time that I was out there, I didn’t come across one other person. It was just me, the trees and the birds. I ate my lunch and snapped this photo somewhere along the way on one of the many Traprock Cliffs overlooking Easthampton, MA.

And to think, I almost let the rain deter me (it was coming down in sheets for awhile). What a shame it would have been not to have let this Beauty and Exhilaration into my Life. I must remember… It’s ALWAYS worth it.

The Internal Beam

Photo: Rob Wallace.

I ran out of rope.
It happens.
Instead of just hanging there, I stepped out of the noose of what was, and onto the Floor of Truth of What Is.
One chapter ended, it was hard, and another one began. That was hard too.
I know, I know, no one said it would be easy, but until we do those miles ourselves, we can’t really know for ourselves.
Still, the choice was simple: Let Life Live Me or Choose to Live MY Life.
It became very clear:
And with that, the second half of my Life began with the same Zeal and the same Passion as the first.
It’s still hard sometimes.
It still hurts sometimes.
I still struggle sometimes.
But I am Devoted to the Work that Enlivens My Heart, and is the Internal Beam that Lights the road ahead!

Let’s Go!!!!

Rory Dudley

This is Rory Dudley.
His Smile is an Inspiration!

One minute he’s Skateboarding down a hill, the next, blood is pouring from his eyes and ears. Then he begins having seizures, swallowing his tongue and nearly dying on the spot. If not for the fast action of his Friend Rahj and the paramedics that rushed to save his life, Rory would be gone. 7 days later Rory awoke from a coma, some of his skull had been removed and reattached. He had to learn to walk and talk again. All for what? Not wearing a Helmet? No one ever thinks it will happen to them and then it does!

There is this INSANE perception in core-skateboard-culture that Helmets are uncool, restrictive or symbolic of weakness. How deep the ruts of tradition and conformity go. But what the hell does cool have to do with Health, Vitality or Fun? Absolutely Nothing! And who exactly is selling this image and why? And what do they have to gain from it? Restrictive? Brain damage or death is far more restrictive than wearing a helmet. Weak? Try having your Loved-Ones have to feed you for the rest of your life because you are incapable of lifting a fork. The core-skateboard-industry is selling an image of cool and that is NOT cool. Being Cool is Thinking for Yourself, shrugging the image they’re selling from your burdens and Protecting Yourself by Wearing a Helmet.

The Helmet Revolution Must and Will start with the Participants, the Skaters Themselves. Stop looking for a cue from your favorite pro, magazine or company. The skate-media and industry will never allow such a trespass upon the image they are selling. The only reason you don’t wear a Helmet now is because the skate-industry and media haven’t given you permission yet.

Rory was lucky. He has been given a Second Chance at Life! He doesn’t plan on wasting it. It is Rory’s Dream, Focus and Loving Hope that no one else has to ever go through what he has, when it could so easily be prevented. That’s a Dream worth Sharing.


Street Plant

A Movement away from hype towards Substance.
A Movement away from despair towards Action.
A Movement away from industry towards Community.
A Movement away from tradition towards Optimism.
A Movement away from image towards Character.
A Movement away from culture towards Individuality.
A Movement away from distinction towards Connection.
A Movement away from effect towards Cause.

Skating, Creating and Enjoying w/ Kayne Hayes at the Crescenta Valley Skate Park in Glendale, CA. Photo By: Rob Wallace.