Matthew Ryan: Still Giving Me The Chills

Matthew Ryan is an Artist that I greatly Respect, and whose Music, Lyrics and Ethos Inform and Inspire my Thinking, Feeling and Creative Process daily. The Discovery of Matthew’s Music has been a Meaningful Journey in My Life and one that Continues. The Songs on this Playlist have Given Me The Chills and they’re Still Giving Me The Chills. Enjoy!

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until the end: the road to street plant


The Songs I wrote with Saints Of Low and Good For You represent the road to Street Plant. I had been lost in my own darkness for many years. The writing of these Songs was an exercise in self-assessment. Whatever rueful reflections they engendered, they also Illuminated the first steps in what would prove to be a long ride home. The Songs on this playlist represent that journey. These Songs were Good For Me, maybe they could be Good For You.

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