2 Years Of Elephant Brand Skateboards
December 22nd, 2013

On December 22, 2011 Elephant Brand Skateboards was officially launched. This edit by Mark Nisbet celebrates the past two years of our existence by featuring the skaters that have become a part of our movement:

100% Skateboarding for love — For fun.
No rules, no divisions, no schools… Just a skateboard as a paintbrush and the world as an empty canvas.

Much love and respect to:

Jason Adams, Neal Hendrix, Kyle Berard, Kris Markovich and Jake Wooten.

Thanks to the filmers and editors that helped to create the videos that these clips were pulled from and a very special thanks to Mark Nisbet for always being there and capturing it all.


— Mike V

Elephant Skateboards x Evel Knievel x Mike Vallely Board Series
September 24th, 2013

Evel Knievel is an American Icon. He was a flesh & blood super-hero and he greatly influenced and inspired me when I was young. He has remained a major inspiration and hero in my life all along. I am truly honored and proud to present the first ever, official Evel Knievel licensed skateboards. The Legend lives on. — Mike V

Boards are available from Elephant Brand Skateboards.

Image 2

X-Games: New Jersey Legends
September 16th, 2013

Once known as “The Hot Shoe, Glue Foot,” Mike Vallely is the first and last name you should know when mentioning New Jersey skate legends. In 1988, Vallely pioneered street skating in Powell Peralta’s “Public Domain” video, while 25 years later his Berrics “Bangin'” video proved he’s the only street skater from the ’80s still ripping at such a high level. Vallely embodies the hard-working, blue-collar, no B.S. attitude that is synonymous with New Jersey — and his company Elephant Skateboards is a huge source of pride for Jerseyans.

-Chris Nieratko

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