An Invigorating Effect


The highlight of my trip last week with Lucy to the Northeast was a visit to Concord, Massachusetts where we toured the Ralph Waldo Emerson House, Rambled through the Hapgood Wright Town Forest, dipped our toes in Walden Pond, just below the site of Henry David Thoreau’s Cabin, and visited Sleepy Hollow Cemetery to pay our respects to Emerson and Thoreau.

If you are ever in Concord, or live in the area, I highly recommend a visit to the Emerson House. The House was built in 1828 and Emerson lived in the House from 1835 until his death in 1882. The House has stayed in the Emerson Family all along, and remains almost completely as it was after a restoration in 1873. The tour of the House was Very Insightful and Incredibly Inspiring, both Lucy and I walked out of the House with our Spirits Soaring.

As an Emerson and Thoreau reader, this visit was a long time in coming. To stand in the Emerson House, to Ramble in Emerson and Thoreau’s footsteps, to Steep in the Beauty of Concord and Walden Pond, as they once did, and then to stand at their graves, had an Invigorating Effect upon us. By Basking in the Radiance and Energy of Art and Artists, of True Individuals, of Lives well Lived, we walked away Knowing Ourselves Better, and in a Glow of Enthusiasm for a Creative and Purposeful Life!