Who We Are

In the Garage w/ Rizzo. Photo: David Ratunuman.

After two weeks on the road, I have returned to Garageland.
But I am NOT back to “the grind” and “the hustle”.
I find those expressions to be offensive and lacking sincerity, and they have NOTHING to do with what Street Plant is.
To “hustle” and “grind” is to compete, and there is no Freedom in that.
Business is NOT the “art of war” it is a Presentation of Values.
Street Plant is an unfolding from within, a Dream being Lived!
We are NOT chasing after anything — We are simply Following Our Bliss!
Nothing about what We do is a “grind” — It is Fun!
Nothing about what We do is a “hustle” — It is an Honest Expression of Our Love for Skateboarding!
Maybe these are just plays on words, but to Us, the distinction is Important.
The World does not need “hustlers” — It needs Soul Entrepreneurs!
People who Love what they do, who have a Sense of Positive Purpose, and who pursue their Work as its Own Reward.
There is Great Value in that for the Individual, and there is Great Value in that for Society.
Yes, We Work Hard to Actualize Our Dreams.
But we are NOT forced out of bed in the morning by an alarm signaling the start of a race.
We are awoken by a Love for Life and for the Work at hand.
This is NOT just our business, this is NOT just our company, this is NOT just a means to an end.
This is Who We Are!!!!

100% Independent Skateboarding for Love, for Fun.
No rules, no divisions, no schools.
Just a Skateboard as a Paintbrush and the World as an Empty Canvas.
Skate. Create. Enjoy!

Keep Dreaming!

Street Plant started as a Dream, on the streets of Edison, New Jersey in 1984.
I Dreamt of a Skateboard Company that was a Dialogue.
I Dreamt of a Skateboard Company that didn’t just make stuff, but Made A Difference.
I Dreamt of a Skateboard Company that was a part of a Community of People, brought Together by Love, Passion and Positivity.
I Dreamt of a Skateboard Company that saw Skateboarding as an Elevated Art, beyond sport or competition, that was Open and Welcoming to All.
Every day, my Dream is Being Lived
Every Day, my Dream is Coming True!
I’ll keep Dreaming.
You keep Dreaming too!

Thank You Alex Hellings and the #StreetPlantBattalion Worldwide for Your Support, Love and Dreams!

Pictured w/ Kristian Svitak, Mike Montgomery, Joey Jett and Alex Hellings on Alex’s Backyard Garden Ramp.