The Internal Beam

Photo: Rob Wallace.

I ran out of rope.
It happens.
Instead of just hanging there, I stepped out of the noose of what was, and onto the Floor of Truth of What Is.
One chapter ended, it was hard, and another one began. That was hard too.
I know, I know, no one said it would be easy, but until we do those miles ourselves, we can’t really know for ourselves.
Still, the choice was simple: Let Life Live Me or Choose to Live MY Life.
It became very clear:
And with that, the second half of my Life began with the same Zeal and the same Passion as the first.
It’s still hard sometimes.
It still hurts sometimes.
I still struggle sometimes.
But I am Devoted to the Work that Enlivens My Heart, and is the Internal Beam that Lights the road ahead!

Let’s Go!!!!

East Coast Happenings

On Saturday July 22, I will be attending Roll For Rob at the Lynch Family Skatepark in Cambridge / Boston Massachusetts.

On Monday July 25, I will be at Old Skull Skateboards in Penfield, NY.

On Friday July 28, Joey Jett will be Premiering his New Video Part at Charm City Skatepark in Baltimore, MD. I will also be in attendance.

Additionally, I will be attending the Matthew Ryan / Jeff Caudill Show at Hollywood Gardens in Rochester, PA on July 26. I am only attending this show, I am NOT performing. Come hang out and take in some “Folkering” by the Great Matthew Ryan.

Rory Dudley

This is Rory Dudley.
His Smile is an Inspiration!

One minute he’s Skateboarding down a hill, the next, blood is pouring from his eyes and ears. Then he begins having seizures, swallowing his tongue and nearly dying on the spot. If not for the fast action of his Friend Rahj and the paramedics that rushed to save his life, Rory would be gone. 7 days later Rory awoke from a coma, some of his skull had been removed and reattached. He had to learn to walk and talk again. All for what? Not wearing a Helmet? No one ever thinks it will happen to them and then it does!

There is this INSANE perception in core-skateboard-culture that Helmets are uncool, restrictive or symbolic of weakness. How deep the ruts of tradition and conformity go. But what the hell does cool have to do with Health, Vitality or Fun? Absolutely Nothing! And who exactly is selling this image and why? And what do they have to gain from it? Restrictive? Brain damage or death is far more restrictive than wearing a helmet. Weak? Try having your Loved-Ones have to feed you for the rest of your life because you are incapable of lifting a fork. The core-skateboard-industry is selling an image of cool and that is NOT cool. Being Cool is Thinking for Yourself, shrugging the image they’re selling from your burdens and Protecting Yourself by Wearing a Helmet.

The Helmet Revolution Must and Will start with the Participants, the Skaters Themselves. Stop looking for a cue from your favorite pro, magazine or company. The skate-media and industry will never allow such a trespass upon the image they are selling. The only reason you don’t wear a Helmet now is because the skate-industry and media haven’t given you permission yet.

Rory was lucky. He has been given a Second Chance at Life! He doesn’t plan on wasting it. It is Rory’s Dream, Focus and Loving Hope that no one else has to ever go through what he has, when it could so easily be prevented. That’s a Dream worth Sharing.



Life has been busy.
Between Family, Street Plant, Playing Music and related Travel, I have not had much time to get out on the Trail and Ramble Around. Still, I find a way when I can. Sometimes it’s only for an hour or two, but whenever I can make the time, I Go. These photos are from a few different excursions over the past month or so.

May 27, 2017: Lucy and I went Rambling around Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.
May 28, 2017: Irwindale, CA. 80 Mile Bike Ride along the San Gabriel River, from Seal Beach, CA to the Foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains and back.
June 14, 2017: Sea Cave in Dana Point, CA.
June 18, 2017: Father’s Day Ramble with Lucy, Emily and Ann. Palos Verdes Estates, CA.
June 28, 2017: Ceremony of the Sunset at Malaga Cove, Palos Verdes Estates, CA.
June 29, 2017: Car Wreck Trail, Aliso and Wood Canyons, CA.
June 29, 2017: Dripping Cave Trail, Aliso and Wood Canyons, CA.