BLACK FLAG: Victimology Tour Videos
August 25th, 2014

Victimology Tour Lettering

After sixty shows between May 15 and August 9th, the BLACK FLAG 2014 Victimology North American Tour is a wrap. The band is now taking a break to work on new music and other projects but will be hitting the road again in 2015. Stay tuned. In the meantime, here are a few videos that we’ve collected from the Victimology Tour for your viewing pleasure.

Slip It In from May 19 at On The Rocks / Bakersfield, CA

Black Coffee from May 31 at The House Of Blues / Los Angeles, CA

Nervous Breakdown from May 31 at The House Of Blues / Los Angeles, CA

TV Party from May 31 at The House Of Blues / Los Angeles, CA

I’d Rather Die from June 14 at the Bourbon Theatre / Lincoln, NE

Fucked Up w/ Robbie Kreiger from June 17 at Reggie’s Rock Club / Chicago, IL

No Values from June 20 at Amnesia Rockfest / Montebello, QC

Slip It In from June 20 at Amnesia Rockfest / Montebello, QC

Depression from July 11 at The House Of Blues / Houston, TX

I’d Rather Die from July 11 at The House Of Blues / Houston, TX

13th Annual Evel Knivel Days Festival: July 25 / Butte, MT

Victimology Footer

Mike Vallely Speaks With The Press Telegram
May 13th, 2014

Mike Vallely discusses his new role in BLACK FLAG with his hometown newspaper… The Press Telegram

Click HERE to read the article.

Press Telegram

Barnyard T-Shirt & Hoodie
March 22nd, 2014

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Barnyard Board, Street Plant Brand proudly introduces the Barnyard “Ducks” T-Shirt and the “Please Don’t Eat My Friends” Barnyard Hoodie.

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25 Years

March 14th, 2014

The new Double LP album from Good For YouTOO! — is finally available. Although all of these songs have already been released digitally and on CD via SST390 FULL SERVING, this Double LP album, pressed on heavy standard weight vinyl, represents the original presentation and sequence in which these songs were intended.

TOO! is available for purchase HERE!

TOO! T-Shirt available HERE!


March 7th, 2014

The DRIVE television series (all 3 seasons), as well as the original award-winning documentary, are now available for online streaming and / or download from Vimeo.

Click here for more info!

DRIVE starring Mike Vallely – Trailer from Build Worldwide on Vimeo.

Violent Gentlemen Collaboration
February 25th, 2014

VG Back

Costa Mesa, CA – February 2014 – Costa Mesa-based clothing brand Violent Gentlemen is proud to announce the launch of its Mike V. x Violent Gentlemen collaborative T-shirt and hat.

Violent Gentlemen is a brand that not only represents my love for hockey and the players who police the ice, it also represents something at the very core of my being,” says Mike Vallely, aka Mike V. “Love and strength. These qualities together make for a complete and balanced life, because anything worth loving is also worth fighting for.”

Mike V. personifies the Violent Gentlemen. A father, friend, professional skateboarder, musician and former professional hockey player, he is part of the VGHC brotherhood. Growing up playing and watching hockey, and after years immersed in the world of punk rock and skateboarding, he parlayed his passion into a short-lived career as a pro-player with the Danbury Whalers of the FHL. The stint earned him the label “jock” with the counterculture crowd and it wasn’t until he came upon Violent Gentlemen that he felt as though he’d found a common bond.

“The first time I read the words ‘Violent Gentlemen’ it made complete sense to me,” he says. “Here was the first-ever hockey apparel brand that understood who and what it was, and who it was for. Rooted deep in hockey culture, yet expressing something fresh and new, Violent Gentlemen resonates with hockey fans and anyone who understands the warrior mentality.”

The Mike V. x Violent Gentlemen collaborative T-shirt features an “Enforce: Long Beach” logo inspired by his adopted hometown of nearly 20 years. On the back is the number “22,” sentimental to Mike for a couple of reasons.

“Twenty-two was the number I wore in the very first game I played in minor-pro hockey. It was the number of my favorite player from when I was a kid, a true Violent Gent, Nick Fotiu of the New York Rangers,” he adds. “Although I ended up breaking my arm in that game, falling to the ice at the end of a fight, it was still a dream come true: to lace up the skates, pull that number 22 over my head, and take to the ice at a pro level.”

The black T-shirt retails for $24 and is available in size small to 3X-large, while the hat, available in both snapback and Flexfit, retails for $32 and comes in small/medium or large/extra-large. Both are available at

Click here to purchase the T-Shirt.

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VG Gear

About Violent Gentlemen:

Violent gentlemen are forged from steel and bound by a code: Respect. It runs deep and courses through the veins of a Violent Gentleman. We are a brotherhood of upstanding individuals with an appreciation for style and our nose to the grindstone. From the ice to the Octagon, from the ring to the field we honor the fight, the art, the opponent and the sport. Blood paints a path to the heart. Sweat, a river to the soul.

February 1st, 2014

Street Plant is a new apparel brand that my daughter Emily and I are working together on. Taking inspiration from my early days in skateboarding, and with a strong East Coast flavor — Street Plant is a celebration of where I come from and what I value in skateboarding: East Coast, creative, no-holds-barred skateboarding.

Our first T-Shirt is the classic TWS “Checkout” image of East meets West. Photographed in 1986 by legendary skate photographer Grant Brittain, who said that this day may very well be one of the most important and heaviest days of street skating that he was ever witness to — This shirt features me photographed with two of my heroes, who on that day also became my friends.

You can read the full story and buy the T-Shirt here!

– Mike V

Checkout Shirt

2 Years Of Elephant Brand Skateboards
December 22nd, 2013

On December 22, 2011 Elephant Brand Skateboards was officially launched. This edit by Mark Nisbet celebrates the past two years of our existence by featuring the skaters that have become a part of our movement:

100% Skateboarding for love — For fun.
No rules, no divisions, no schools… Just a skateboard as a paintbrush and the world as an empty canvas.

Much love and respect to:

Jason Adams, Neal Hendrix, Kyle Berard, Kris Markovich and Jake Wooten.

Thanks to the filmers and editors that helped to create the videos that these clips were pulled from and a very special thanks to Mark Nisbet for always being there and capturing it all.


– Mike V

Full Serving (2013)
December 3rd, 2013

New music from Good For You!

SST 390 Full Serving (2013) is available today on CD and digital release.


With nearly two and half hours of music, Full Serving (2013) is the complete collection of all our music released in 2013. It contains SST 385 Life Is Too Short…, SST 388 Fucked Up and SST 389 Too! all resequenced on 2 Compact Discs. The package also includes a 3rd Bonus Disc featuring 6 additional tracks that will not be available on any vinyl release.

You now can order the digital version of Full Serving (2013) — forty songs in total — on iTunes for only $9.99. You can also purchase on CD at your local record store or you can buy it online from SST or from Amazon.

Thrasher Classics: Public Domain
October 1st, 2013

The King of Street Skating, Mark Gonzales pays Mike V the great honor of recognizing his 1988 Powell-Peralta video part in Public Domain as a “Classic.” Check it out on the Thrasher Magazine Website.

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